Tag Rugby is a fun, outdoor, non-Contact sport for children. Tag Rugby based classes are for Girls and Boys aged 4 years to 12 years of age. Our sessions at Tag Team Rugby will give kids both personal and rugby skills they need to have for a happy and a greater enjoyment of rugby and other sports generally.

Or aim is to get more children participating in sports and in particular Tag rugby to encourage a fun and healthy lifestyle, Tag Team Rugby is a non/minimal contact play program. Specifically designed using the skills of Tag Rugby (Oz Tag Rules) to create a fun and enjoyable environment whilst developing basic skills and confidence.

Our aim is to get more children participating in sports and in particular Tag rugby to encourage a fun and healthy lifestyle, and help improve kids fitness.

Coaches are trained in first aid and are DBS checked and fully insured.


4-5 years
The tasks is to develop the child’s hand eye co-ordination, team work and confidence. Coaches will introduce basic tag rugby skills like, passing, catching, scoring tries, side stepping and kicking, with a basic introduction to a game of tag rugby during our fun play sessions.

6-7 years
This age group we encourage the children to get involved in teamwork. Teamwork is introduced by getting the children to work together on different skills and activities such as playing a game of tag rugby with non/minimal contact, where the kids wear tag rugby belts

8-9 years
Improving skills, both individually and as a team, a greater understanding of the rules of the game and putting this into practice during a game of tag rugby.

10-11 years
Further skill sets are developed. A greater knowledge and understanding of the game, while playing a game of tag rugby

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