Tag Team Rugby

Tag Rugby is a fun, outdoor, non-Contact sport for children and adults for fitness and fun.

Why Play Tag Rugby?

Whatever your fitness levels are, you can play tag rugby and it offers a competitive edge for people of all ages and there are many reasons to get involved.

Tag Rugby is open to everyone: kids, men and women. Mixed teams consist of seven a side.; four men and three women.

Tag Rugby is renowned for its friendly atmosphere, starting a sports team with your mates is a great way to give your social life a boost and will quickly improve and maintain your fitness.

Tag rugby is ideal for people of every level of fitness and every level of skill, while providing a competitive and social environment but with minimal contact.

So however your friendships are configured, you can set up a team and start playing:

The rules are easy to understand and you’ll pick up the required skills as you go.

What is Tag Rugby?

Tag Rugby is a minimal contact team game in which each player wears shorts with velcro patches with two tags attached to them. The mode of play is similar to Rugby League or Touch Rugby with attacking team attempts to weave, evade and pass a rugby ball while defending team attempts to prevent them scoring by pulling a velcro tag from the ball carriers shorts.

Seven players in each team are allowed on the field at a time, whilst the field dimensions are approximately 70m by 50m. The attacking team has six plays or tags to try to score a try or take the ball down the pitch as close to the line as possible. Tries are worth one point and there are no conversions. In mixed Tag Rugby, female tries are worth two points. Games are 40 minutes long with split into two 20 minute halves.

Common Questions

Do I need any rugby experience to play?

No. Tag Rugby is an easy game to learn, and there are many players taking part in our competitions who have never played any form of rugby before.

Do I need to be really fit to play Tag Rugby?

You will need some level of fitness, but Tag Rugby can be played by players of varying levels. Although games are 40 minutes long, Substitutes are permitted allowing you to come off the pitch for a breather as many times as you like. Regardless of your starting fitness level playing in a Tag Rugby league is a great way to improve your fitness and stay healthy.

Free Taster Sessions

Unsure? Want to try it before committing to a mixed league? Then why not come along to a free taster session and give it a go. The session is free and although we are sure you will love it, there is no obligation to sign up for the league if you decide it’s not for you.

The fun and friendly session are a perfect chance for adult players (male & female) who have never played Tag Rugby before to have a go and see what it’s like. Players of all sporting abilities including complete beginners are welcome.

The taster sessions are a gentle introduction to the game and suitable for all levels of fitness and you can book your place now here.